Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two Dragonflies Libelle

I did two dragonflies. one is thicker. She is the Matriarch of the pond. Here they are in their unpainted state. They are in front of one of my stained glass pieces.
Here is another stained glass piece. It is a blue rose window.

Middle of January

It is gorgeous in Arizona Southwest. I have been out walking a couple of miles everyday. I take my dog and pick up a couple of the neighbors' dogs. We go out on BLM land. The spring flowers are starting to pop out. These are what we call Belly Flowers; in that you have to lay on your belly to see them. They are so tiny and close to the ground.
The creosote bushes and Palo Verde trees are also starting to bloom. The snakes are also on the move. I saw a couple of rattlesnakes, A Diamondback and a Mojave Green. They were just laying in the sun enjoying the warmth. I startled them as much as they startled me. It is really too early for them to be moving around, but the weather has really been strange all over the country.
I have been taking an online doll class from Sherry Goshen, through DollstreeetDreamers. Her name is Libelle, meaning Dragonfly. This is a new style of doll. It involves molding a face and wrapping an armature and sculpting with clay. Then it needs painting and making a wonderful base. She is at a standstill right now, I just cannot get myself to stay inside. Here is a picture of MIZZ Libelle in her unfinished state.