Sunday, April 5, 2009

hedgehog cactus in the wild. the animals have been eaating this one. The lower stems are gone.

Prickley Pear Cactus in bloom Front yard. directly behind prickley pear is the boxer cactus., and barrel cacti, jumping cactus, so called because it jumps onto yu if yu get too close.

out walking to see spring blooms

Here are some pictures that I took while walking the dogs. One is a prickley pear in bloom and the other one is a hedgehog in bloom. . They are almost the same intencse cerise color. The flower shapes are a bit different. They have a slight perfume to them. The bees have a great time gathering the pollen from them. You have to be careful when you look down into the flower, because there usually is a bee in the center. They only bloom for a few days.
I was surfing and came to this fun thing. It creates a word picture for creating anything you want to say. This is great for making Birthday Cards. I used the name, birthplace important events etc. I printed it out. I did not publish it to the internet to keep the child safe, because it had personal information. (some of the published ones are X rated, so be cautious if you have kids.) This is the one that I did create for public viewing.

Wordle: creations in fiber inc doll conference

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