Sunday, March 1, 2009

Two Dragonfly Art Dolls Finished


I finally finished the art dolls from an online class by Sherry Goshen through Doll Street Dreamers. There were a lot of new techniques for me to learn. Layering colors by sponging, How to use Apoxie Sculpt, Spectrum sculpt and paper clay. How to make a fancy base . I painted the bodies by dry brushing on gold metallic acrylics over flesh color. I used gold, purple, green, blue, copper metallics to dry sponge on the colors. I wanted lots of subtle colors. These art dolls are really glitzy.

I finally decided on the wings for these dolls. I did them in stained glass. The younger Copperfyre wanted hers in fire colors, after I had made a set in the colors of the pond water. Viridiana (Italian "green") was perfectly happy with her wings in teal and blue water colors.

Copperfyre really likes to go hunting for treasures of the pond. She is giving Viridiana some of her treasures. She found tumbled and shiny rocks in the water and desert roses above the banks of the pond, while she was drying off in the desert sand.

This was a fun class. I am happy with how my projects turned out. I cannot wait until CIFI Conference at the end of May to meet up with Sherry and to see what new things I will learn there.