Friday, June 18, 2010

June mid month update catching up.

Life sure gets in the way. Too many things have been getting in the way of playing dolls and crafts.
In May I went to CIFI Conference in Albuquerque. This is an online doll group that I belong to. Creations in Fibre.Inc. I had a three day class with Arley Berryhill, a very extraordinary designer.To learn more see his website. The class that I took was titled Masked Ball, an original pattern designed by Arley. She is of no particular period in time, just having fun at a masked ball. He took us through how to make a really full skirted doll with layers of fabrics. How to embellish the costume and How to make a really tall mohair wig. Then we had a class on how to make a tiny mask-very elegant creation and how to do extreme makeup. Waiting for pictures will post a when I get them.
I had a class by Donna Cole on cloth origami kimones. What fun. Here is a picture of the one I made. I have since made several more and used them to say Birthday wishes to friends.

I also had a craft class with Yvonne Nathanson on using molds and tyvek and embellishing to make some wonderful art pins to wear. These sure are conversation pieces. Here is a photo of two that I made.

These are really a lot of fun to wear. No two are alike as the tyvek has a mind of its own and you have to play with what happens to it.
This was a great conference where we get to see eachother once a year and learn new things.

My yard has just been beaurtiful; with all of the cacti that have bloomed. I do have pictures, but not sure where I filed them. I am trying to get organized, but like YODA says "Do or do not there is no try." Here is a picture of my Texas ranger in bloom , not a cactus but very pretty.