Sunday, November 22, 2009

Working on the remodeling again

I am working on the remodeling again, I am finishing up the dining room. I had the drywall in place, all taped and ready to finish. I decided to just texture and paint it. Too much sanding for smooth walls. In the meantime, I got a corner booth with a smaller table. I found a buyer for my big square oak table. It had enough leaves to seat twenty. I really don't need that much company. I found this really tall oak staircase to display my dolls, and that gave me the push to get busy. I plan on putting a shelf up high on the wall with the staircase leading up to it. It is amazing what ideas you can get and then reject when there is no time limit on projects. I am not showing any pictures of the work in progress. It will show what a mess a lady on a mission can acomplish. Since I am doing most of the work myself, I just moved everything to the center of the room and am working around it. Somewhere in one of those boxes is my camera . It was on the table. Oh well I will hopefully get finished in a few days.